We’re sorry for your frustrations

Jason Groupp October 23, 2018 News

We’re Sorry! 🙁 First of all, from all of us here at Fyrfly-Songfreedom we would like to offer our apologies for the frustrations so many of you are having with Vimeo strike notices and subsequent account terminations. We have seen/read/responded to your posts on social media, received/responded to your emails and have spoken with many of you on the phone…. Read more

Have You Checked Out Our New Digs?!

Jason Groupp October 17, 2018 News

Did Fall Skip Your Area? Hey there! We hope your Fall is off to a great start! Here in St. Louis, it seems like we’ve skipped right into Winter, but we’re hoping we’re it’s just temporary! While it’s cold outside, here at HQ we’re blazing away with lots of fun stuff coming your way! I’m writing today with a quick… Read more

SNEW (Something New Every Week) Week 2! Featuring Will Cadena!

Jason Groupp August 2, 2018 Education

Happy August Y’all! Just like that, it’s August! We’re enjoying a little break in the heat here in St. Louis, and you can feel Fall is just around the corner. S.N.E.W! (Something New Every Week) Something New Every Week features a Filmmaker or Photographer who will share a quick nugget of information that’s helping them in their daily life. From… Read more

Introducing…. SNEW! (Something New Every Week)

Jason Groupp July 24, 2018 Education

How’s your summer going so far?! We hope your summer is going well! I have to say, it feels like this one is flying by at light speed! The last few months have been busy (as always) at Fyrfly-Songfreedom HQ, and exciting feature updates have been added to our slideshow software. Have you checked them out? We’re also proud to… Read more

Sessions With Fyrfly-Songfreedom Featuring: Claire Bira

Making the Switch. Today’s “Sessions With Fyrfly-Songfreedom” featuring: Claire Bira is a short one, which is great for those of you needing some instantaneous insight. For someone who is new-ish to the industry, Claire’s confidence is something to be admired. It is a  great attribute to her business, especially when she is meeting with clients. I loved hearing about her switch… Read more

Sessions With Fyrfly-Songfreedom: Featuring Daniel Berry!

Introducing: Sessions With Fyrfly-Songfreedom! It’s been a longtime coming, but I’m happy to announce the first installment of our “Sessions With Fyrfly-Songfreedom!” Each one of these sessions will feature a prominent member of our community and we’ll discuss topics I think (I hope) you’ll love. One of the many interesting things about this industry is the diverse stories we have…. Read more

Traveling with gear? Helpful tips for your next adventure!

Who’s Ready for Adventure?! If you’ve followed my adventures over the last decade you know I love to travel and have spent much time on the road. From local trips battling the NYC streets, to long international flights, I think I’ve pretty much covered the gamut when it comes to hitting the road with gear. Whether it’s traveling with a… Read more

Shutterfest 2018 Slideshow! Check It Out Now!

Jason Groupp April 11, 2018 News

Shutterfest 2018 FTW! Shutterfest 2018 is in the books! While this is only my second year attending, most of you know I’m no stranger to conferences. I have to say though, for all the years I’ve been traveling the world taking part in various conferences and tradeshows, this year Shutterfest had more energy than I can remember. The last time… Read more

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