Jason Groupp July 31, 2017 Education

Who’s ready for some Monday afternoon inspiration!??

You must stop what you’re doing right now and watch Switzerfilm’s new highlight film featuring St. Louis native Jeremy Maclin!

Jeremy + Adia Maclin

Introducing Adia and Jeremy Maclin!So thrilled to finally share this beauty of a wedding! Stunning job as always by our loves at Kate & Company! Hope you enjoy this #MACtrimony17 Planners + Design: Kate & CompanySong: Songfreedom "Hold You Tighter" by Kyle ReynoldsCeremony venue:The Caramel Room at Bissinger'sReception venue: Four Seasons Hotel St. LouisOfficiant: St. Louis Officiants- Kassaundra ScharioFloral: Festive Couture FloralBand: Contemporary Productions LLCCake: The Cakery BakeryDJ: DJ Excel

Posted by Switzerfilm on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I want to point out why I chose to feature this film, and it’s not because we love this crew so much! (well, maybe a little) One of the things that sets these guys apart is their ability to truly identify elements from each wedding that make it special, and then use their skills to film it in a unique way. That said, the techniques they use are simple and straightforward; not requiring a 50 ft. jib, or 5 guys to operate it!

Here’s a few places where they use easy-to-use, simple-to-achieve, and high-value techniques:

1 – Establishing Shot:

Establishing shot.

Drone shots are all the rage these days, and that first establishing shot IMO is CRITICAL for the success of a great highlight film. This wedding is smack dab in the heart of downtown St. Louis, and the B&G are local to the area. I’m sure they were thrilled to have this shot, and more importantly this is the perfect shot to set things up. Props to SwitzerFilm crew for taking the extra step and shooting it at sunrise!

2 – Re-Engage

Engaging the audience.

I love that they incorporate the Arch 20 seconds later keeping the audience engaged. While not the easiest to grab from an exposure standpoint, they do a good job of getting this shot without adding lighting.

3 – Get On The Ground!

Get on the ground!

I know this may seem trivial, but this shot looks epic! Using some lighting to provide some rim light adds so much more awesome-ness!

4 – No Excuse Shots

No excuses!

Sticking with “get low”… Don’t have a great background? No worries! Get on the ground and shoot into the sky – voila, killer shot!

5 – Split That Screen

split screen

It’s no secret, the SwitzerFilm crew loves some split screen! But dang, does it work!


6 – Silhouette




And, like the split screen, you can never get enough silhouette shots!


7 – Timelapse That Works


Everyone loves a timelapse, but doing it for a game a dominos adds something special. Again, back to finding something unique about the wedding. What may seem insignificant, can make quite the impression, and really set the film apart.


8 – Time Shift


I LOVE time shifting! DO IT! What I think is unique in this video is how they shift from the ceremony to the setup of the room.


9 – Bookend


They end the film with a shot looking out over the Mississippi to bookend the original drone shot from the beginning. In an ideal world, I would love a a sunset shot here, but hey, who am I to judge? 🙂

10 – Find the perfect song!

Well, you knew this was coming right? 🙂 In this video they use one of my favorite tracks “Hold You Tighter” by Kyle Reynolds. Seriously, this is one of my top ten picks for wedding films.

There you have it, 10 ways the SwitzerFilm crew kills it! Go make some magic!