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A family portrait with Jason Groupp Columbia, IL –Roadside Families 2017. (Photo: John Michael Cooper)

Make That Money!

As a wedding photography business owner, the last months of the year might seem frightening because traditionally there are fewer shoots lined up (and bookings = income). With the holidays here, now is the perfect time to put together a marketing plan geared toward holiday sales that increase profit for your business. We reached out to ShootDotEdit to discover their tips to help ramp up your holiday sales.

A Family portrait in St. Louis, MO – Roadside Families 2017. (Photo: John Michael Cooper)

Marketing for your photography business is key throughout the year, especially when the holidays arrive. Here are 3 ways you can get started on a plan to skyrocket holiday sales for your photography business.


  1. Plan and Book Holiday Sessions


One of the first ways to increase sales is to plan and book holiday sessions for your business. Holiday sessions are a quick way to add extra income during the slower months, connect with past and current clients, and meet new clients who are perfect for your photography business.

Here are a few decisions to make to successfully plan holiday sessions:

  • Number of sessions you will shoot
  • How many days you will shoot / specific dates
  • Length of each session
  • Number of people per session
  • Details for clients
  • Price per session
  • Number of images you will deliver


Once you plan for your holiday sessions, here are a few steps to take to promote them:


  • Grab free Holiday Session Email Templates to speed up the communication process
  • Create a blog post that shares specific details about the holiday sessions
  • Build a social media campaign that directs followers to your blog announcement

Holiday sessions are just one of the ways you can maximize sales as a part of your marketing campaign for the end of the year.

  1. Create and Sell Holiday Cards

Another way to market your business and increase holiday sales is to create and sell holiday cards. Similar to the holiday sessions, it can be valuable to create a detailed plan surrounding your holiday card campaign. A few details to decide on are to:


  • Set your budget for the campaign
  • Decide who will receive the cards
  • Set a deadline


Once you create a plan, you can then move on to the creation and promotion part of the campaign. Some of the steps you can follow are to:

  • Download free Holiday Card Templates to quickly customize and adjust to match your unique photography brand.
  • Create custom holiday cards with your free templates and receive a streamlined ordering process through Bay Photo Lab. (there are tons of other great labs out there too!)
  • Send an email, post to your blog, and share on social media about the holiday cards.


  1. Utilize Top Selling Days


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday as 2 of the top selling days during the holidays, you can create a marketing plan based on those days. For example, you can offer a percentage off albums or additional spreads for wedding clients. If you provide educational resources for your fellow photographers, you can discount a course or a workshop for a limited time.


The more detailed your marketing plan is, the easier it will be to execute the tasks necessary to increase holiday sales and bring more income in before the end of the year. Have other ideas for increasing holiday sales this year? Place them in the comments, we’d love to hear them!