6 Killer Tips for Rocking Your Senior Biz
from Melanie Anderson, Cr. Photog., CPP and Maryland’s Photographer of The Year

Are you looking to REV up your Senior Business?  Are you looking to be THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER Studio in your area?  Below are SIX Killer Tips for Rocking Your Senior Biz…

Senior Showstopper
  1. Marketing

    Marketing is VITAL!  We ask every client, “How did you hear about our studio?” The number one answer we hear is, “You are everywhere!”
    How did we become everywhere? We had displays at the mall, doctor’s offices, hospitals, high schools, you name it, and we have an active presence on social media. We use Instagram and Instagram stories to show the fun we have, as well as Facebook and Facebook Live.  I love documenting our senior sessions Live, as it allows our client’s family to feel as if they are participating, even if they cannot attend the session.  I then have the clients share on their social platforms for additional exposure. Senior ExposureSr. MarketingAnother fun and effective way to market our Seniors is through video.  We film all our senior models and use that footage for promotional materials throughout the summer and into the following year. Using video is a great way to showcase not only the experience, but also the unique, fun locations that you photograph in.   

  2. Communication

    Client communication is an integral part of the process. Eliminate the need for pre-consultations as we provide all details needed for the session over the phone as well as throughout their portrait session. Ask them to bring several outfits, and then based on hair and eye color, skin tones, and locations will select which outfit is best. Suggest seniors bring along any props that showcase their hobbies or extra curricular activities. Senior Yearbook
    Right before I begin photographing, I find out the family’s specific needs (if any) and communicate all details needed to ensure a successful session and sales process. I mention their sales session will take about an hour.

    Anyone that needs to be involved in financial decisions needs to be there and that they will be making their purchasing decisions that day.CommunicationDuring the session I showcase images from the back of my camera that I feel will make great canvases for their walls along with any collage ideas I may have. I am planting seeds for products that I want to sell.

    Once the portrait session is over, I join them in our sales room. I remind them of the images I had suggested for canvases and collages and showcase our most popular collections that provide those options. Communication and Educating your clients are the only way to ensure a successful sales session. More on this later.

  3. Experience

    Senior SmileTo our studio, experience is everything.  Having positive “word of mouth” is how our business has grown so significantly over the past few years.  I want my clients to enjoy their experience; we laugh, we cry, we do so much more than just go through the motions.
    I want our clients to fall in love with us. I want our clients to feel confident in marketing our studio, knowing we will give their friends the same quality and experience as they received. While we operate somewhat of a mix of volume and boutique experience, having a system and workflow in-place, allows me to truly connect with my clients.EXTREME SR. SNOW

  4. Uniqueness

    We are the only studio in the area that offers EXTREME products for our athletes and others passionate about their hobbies.  Most of the pieces are photographed with ring lights, very systematically, and then created with design elements to compliment the senior.  We typically sell these as 16×24 and on Metal.  The metal element adds to the nature and feel of the final product.  We are known in our area for these creations and find that many seniors book with us as they want custom pieces created for them as well. EXTREME sr. laxEXTREME JESUS

  5. Sales

    With effective communication and an established workflow intact, sales can be easy! We are adamant about communicating, not only the products we offer, but the true value of print. I want wall portraits hung in their homes! Remember, what you show is what you sell. So for us, our entire studio is covered with wall portraits.  Using sales software that displays the size of portraits, showcases your client’s walls, and then overlays images, you can truly provide a full service which allows for higher sales and client satisfaction.
    We offer payment plans as needed for clients that can’t afford to purchase upfront. By providing a policy of 50% down, and customizing to our client’s budget, we provide many of our clients with the experience and products that they desire, but weren’t sure they could afford.FINAL PRODUCTS

  6. Final Products

    The final products we sell the most of are wall portraits. It is important to me that our clients display their images in their homes. We offer collections that fit most every budget and every wall space. We also offer custom books, albums, and other a la carte pieces that will fulfill all of their needs.
    Make sure you have samples of all the collections and products you offer.  How can you possibly sell items that you can’t actually show your clients? They need to see and feel the quality of each item.  Tell a story as to why you created these products.
    We make sure to mount all our gift prints.  I do that as I don’t want our images sitting in boxes and envelopes until they find frames…and many times they get forgotten.  By mounting these images, they can lean on a shelf or easel and be enjoyed until they get framed.

    Products Sr. Card

In conclusion, by being intentional about Marketing your business, effectively Communicating with your clients, providing an Experience like none other, creating Unique products, having a Sales system that works, along with Final Products that ensure full customer service, how can you not be ͞THE MOST SAUGHT AFTER STUDIO around?! BOOM!Studio Success!