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MORE unlimited music FREE with membership now!

Jason Groupp August 31, 2017 Education

The L.O.A.T.M. (Lord Of All Things Music) Delivers! New Music coming at you! As promised, we’re delivering a boatload of new tunes and the best part is they are all standard licenses! What does that mean for you!? UNLIMITED NEW MUSIC! Well, it means as a member they are FREE to use as part of your Fyrfly-Songfreedom membership! Last week… Read more

148 reasons why Monday is going to be Totality AWESOME!

Jason Groupp August 18, 2017 News

  What’s the big hubbub? Quoting Missouri Life: “According to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the last total eclipse to touch the Show-Me State occurred on August 7, 1869, and it only clipped the northeast corner. The last total eclipse to cover this much of the United States happened before there was a United States. People who have been… Read more

New Music Is Here! Get it NOW!

Jason Groupp August 7, 2017 Education

We are having a blast here at Songfreedom-Fyrfly HQ this week with the new launch of our site! If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, click HERE! Once again we want to thank those of you who signed up for memberships over the last few weeks!  We’ve enjoyed watching you furiously downloading songs with NO LIMITS! As… Read more

Unlimited Music Is HERE! First 3 Months Are On Us!

Jason Groupp August 2, 2017 News

3, 2, 1…..Launch! Songfreedom-Fyrfly IS HERE! By now most of you have heard that Songfreedom will be changing; evolving into our new baby called Fyrfly. Let the transformation begin! Starting August 1st, we have now moved from single song licensing platform to a simple membership giving you unlimited access to tens of thousands of songs. PLUS, you will be able to… Read more

Is Blogging dead? Do I still have to do it?

Jason Groupp July 18, 2017 Education

This week I’m excited to have Photographer turned Digital Story Strategist Christine Tremoulet joining us! She has been helping creatives use the power of their story to book more clients and make more money for years now! (including me!) She’s a blogger of 17 years and the Best-selling author of Blogging Brilliantly for Your Business, available on Amazon. Thanks for joining… Read more

Unlimited Music Is Almost Here! Check Out Our New Looks!

Jason Groupp July 11, 2017 News

3, 2, 1….. It’s been an exciting few weeks here in the Songfreedom/Fyrfly office. By now most of you have heard that Songfreedom will soon be changing; evolving into our new baby called Fyrfly. Our new membership program will start with unlimited music licenses for one low, monthly or annual fee. Shortly thereafter we’ll be rolling out our video hosting, and… Read more

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