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5 Ways To Crush Your Next Wedit With Killer Music!

Jamie Howze August 8, 2017 Education

Ning Wong brings us back! I’m happy to be returning this week with Ning Wong. Ning is a Southern California based photographer, and an all around awesome guy. He’s also become a great leader for the community over the last few years by leading through example. He’s always the guy in the crowd with a giant smile on his face… Read more

New Music Is Here! Get it NOW!

Jason Groupp August 7, 2017 Education

We are having a blast here at Songfreedom-Fyrfly HQ this week with the new launch of our site! If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, click HERE! Once again we want to thank those of you who signed up for memberships over the last few weeks!  We’ve enjoyed watching you furiously downloading songs with NO LIMITS! As… Read more

Is Blogging dead? Do I still have to do it?

Jason Groupp July 18, 2017 Education

This week I’m excited to have Photographer turned Digital Story Strategist Christine Tremoulet joining us! She has been helping creatives use the power of their story to book more clients and make more money for years now! (including me!) She’s a blogger of 17 years and the Best-selling author of Blogging Brilliantly for Your Business, available on Amazon. Thanks for joining… Read more

6 Killer Tips for Rocking Your Senior Biz

6 Killer Tips for Rocking Your Senior Biz from Melanie Anderson, Cr. Photog., CPP and Maryland’s Photographer of The Year Are you looking to REV up your Senior Business?  Are you looking to be THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER Studio in your area?  Below are SIX Killer Tips for Rocking Your Senior Biz… Marketing Marketing is VITAL!  We ask every client, “How… Read more

Vlogging with Blonnie and David + Name That Song!

Jason Groupp June 13, 2017 Education

Name That Song Week 12 + Our Celebrity Guests: Blonnie and David How to Play: Listen to the mystery song clip below and try to match it to a song from the week 12 playlist. Join us LIVE on Facebook at 1p EST, Thursday, June 14th and we will reveal the phone number for you to call in and guess the correct… Read more

How to Delight Your Clients with Meaningful Environmental Portraits

How to Delight Your Clients with Meaningful Environmental Portraits One of my favorite types of photography takes place on location and during destination environmental portrait sessions. The challenge of making something amazing for our clients has always pushed me to think outside the box, using not only arresting compositions but dramatic off-camera lighting as well.  The real work is making… Read more

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