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Is Blogging dead? Do I still have to do it?

Jason Groupp July 18, 2017 Education

This week I’m excited to have Photographer turned Digital Story Strategist Christine Tremoulet joining us! She has been helping creatives use the power of their story to book more clients and make more money for years now! (including me!) She’s a blogger of 17 years and the Best-selling author of Blogging Brilliantly for Your Business, available on Amazon. Thanks for joining… Read more

6 Killer Tips for Rocking Your Senior Biz

6 Killer Tips for Rocking Your Senior Biz from Melanie Anderson, Cr. Photog., CPP and Maryland’s Photographer of The Year Are you looking to REV up your Senior Business?  Are you looking to be THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER Studio in your area?  Below are SIX Killer Tips for Rocking Your Senior Biz… Marketing Marketing is VITAL!  We ask every client, “How… Read more

How to Construct an Epic Experience Guide + NTS

Song Clip of the Week + Our Celebrity Guests, The Harris Company!! Here’s this weeks song clip of the week! All you have to do is listen to the clip below and join us LIVE at 1 PM EST Thursday June 1st and we’ll post the phone number to call for your chance to win $100! Week Ten Playlist! Here’s… Read more

Win That Money Now! Week 8 special guests!

Melanie Anderson, Joe Switzer, and Makayla Jade, oh my! Starting next week NTS is getting an upgrade! Each week we’re going to feature an article from some our favorite people. Not only that we’ll talk about these topics during our FaceTime Live discussions and you’ll not only have a chance to WIN THAT MONEY, but ask questions! For last weeks… Read more

Win $100 Today! Easy Money People!

  Here it is folks, this weeks Name That Song, Win That Money Clip! I promise if you take 1 minute to listen you’ll have the answer to WIN THAT MONEY!   Join us LIVE at 1PM EST and we’ll post the phone number to call for your chance to win $100! WEEK SEVEN PLAYLIST! Here’s how to win: -Starting this… Read more

Win That Money! Name That Song Week 7!

First the bad news. I’m afraid Luke the dog won’t be appearing this week. 🙁 In case you missed the high energy high 5’ing dog you can see it all here!   Is it your turn to win $100 or more in our “Name That Song” game?   The game will be the same as past weeks, get yourself familiar with… Read more

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