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Sessions With Fyrfly-Songfreedom: Featuring Daniel Berry!

Introducing: Sessions With Fyrfly-Songfreedom! It’s been a longtime coming, but I’m happy to announce the first installment of our “Sessions With Fyrfly-Songfreedom!” Each one of these sessions will feature a prominent member of our community and we’ll discuss topics I think (I hope) you’ll love. One of the many interesting things about this industry is the diverse stories we have…. Read more

Thankful For YOU! Happy Thanksgiving!

Jason Groupp November 22, 2017 Uncategorized

It’s been quite a year here at Fyrfly-Songfreedom! We’ve accomplished so much the last few months, and I’m so proud of this team! From new music to a new website with so much more to come it’s incredible how hard this team has worked! For me personally moving from the east coast to out to St. Louis with my family… Read more

The Old SongFreedom Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now

Jamie Howze October 3, 2017 Uncategorized

Why? BECAUSE THE OLD LIBRARY IS DEAD! All TSwift aside, we just keep adding to our already fabulous music library over here at FyrFly-SongFreedom headquarters! We hope you’re enjoying the site’s fresh facelift AND the plethora of new music that keeps flowing in. If you are a member – don’t forget to send us your work! If we feature your… Read more

6 Killer Tips for Rocking Your Senior Biz

6Ā Killer Tips for Rocking Your Senior Biz from Melanie Anderson, Cr. Photog., CPP and Maryland’s Photographer of The Year Are you looking to REV up your Senior Business? Ā Are you looking to be THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER Studio in your area? Ā Below are SIX Killer Tips for Rocking Your Senior Bizā€¦ Marketing Marketing is VITAL! Ā We ask every client, “How… Read more

Kyle Reynolds Simple Approach To Instagram

ā€œif it feels right, it feels right.ā€ IĀ was lucky enough to spend a little time with Kyle Reynolds,Ā at The Nashville FilmĀ Festival last week and was able to interview him on how he manages his Instagram. I was impressed by how forĀ such a young guy, he has a very humble approach to social media.Ā AsĀ artists, we can sometimes overthink things but I… Read more

Want To Win That Money? Name That Song Week 6!

Okay, so who’s ready for week SIX!? Is it your turnĀ to win $100 or more in our “Name That Song” game? Becca, Nadaley and Jamie did such a great job last week they’re going to keep the fun going! You can see last week’s fun here: The game will be the same as past weeks, get yourself familiar with this… Read more

Lip Sync Battle 2017 + Name That Song Win That Money!

Iā€™ve got exciting news! Name That Song is back (sorry we missed you last week!) and weā€™ll beĀ broadcasting from The Nashville FilmĀ Festival! Canā€™t wait to see some of our artists there, including The Royal Foundry and Dani Elliot! Iā€™m going to make it SUPER DUPER easy to win this week. I promise you, if you take 5 minutes to listen… Read more

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