Jason Groupp August 14, 2017 Education

Several times a week, we’ll receive an email or a phone call from a customer panicked that their video has been flagged, for one reason or another, due to music copyrights.

Typically, the process is as follows, IF you follow their process:

-Hosting site sends you a claim notice.

-You’re given the option to dispute.

-Your dispute is rejected and you’re asked if you’d like to appeal.

-You appeal of course because you’ve legally licensed your music from FyrFly-SongFreedom!!

-Your appeal is denied, the video is taken down, and you’ve earned a strike on your account.

-You bang your head on the desk in disbelief!

Frustrating, to say the least!  Unfortunately, in a world of robots scanning the interwebs, the “policing” process is not perfect. That said, I’m here to tell you that NONE of this is your problem, and as a member of Fyrfly-Songfreedom we got you!…but in order to help you, we’re asking one simple favor from you: DO NOTHING!

Yes, you’re reading right. DO NOTHING! DO NOT DISPUTE, DO NOT APPEAL!

All you have to do is (okay, maybe you have to do something) send the notice to our L.O.A.T.M (Lord of ALL Things MUSIC) and she will take care of it for you! Email: [email protected] and let us know the song title, artist name, claiming party and share the link to your video.

By disputing your claim with your hosting services, you are actually making it worse. The process of disputes, for the most part, is completely automated and 9.5 times out of 10, a human never sees your claim. Unfortunately, by continuing the process all you’re doing is prolonging the process and eventually causing damage to your account.

Protecting our customers is an important part of our mantra, and while it takes a huge amount of bandwidth (and staff) we know spending days on crap like this is time you should be out there making $$! So sit back, and let us handle it. We have the relationships and our emails get opened 🙂

In review: Once again, if you get a claim notice/takedown notice or whatever from your hosting company, simply forward the notice to us and let us handle it! You’re welcome! 🙂

Finally, in the near future when we offer video hosting, these notices will be a thing of the past and a big reason why we’ve decided to take on such a monstrous project.

As many of you know membership with us has many benefits! If you’d like to find out more just visit our site @ Songfreedom-Fyrfly!

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