Lip Sync Battle Shutterfest

ShutterFest is just 8 days away! I’ll be honest, packing really stresses me out, especially when I’m bringing gear. I always want to make sure I pack as little as possible, and it always proves to be difficult. The struggle is real folks!

I inevitably forget some random thing, so I’ve put together a little travel kit that always goes in my carry on. It contains everything from the worst case scenario to a simple creature comfort. One of the problems with air travel today is that you just never know how long your day is going to be. A simple 90 minute flight could easily turn into an epic journey lasting days, and there’s nothing worse than having a health issue that can easily be solved by an OTC drug you forgot to pack.

Jason’s Doomsday Travel Kit:

– Fill a small pill case with 4 of each: Tylenol/Zantac 150/Imodium/Z-quil tablets and Claritin.

– Chapstick. You won’t need it for the way there, but I guarantee after 4 days in a hotel your lips will be thankful.

– In-Flight Refreshing Facial Mist by Kiehl’s. I know you can take my man card, but I tell you, two sprays from this stuff (discreetly in the bathroom) on a long flight is like heaven.

– Since you’ve revoked my man card, a comfortable sleep mask is an awesome thing to have for those red eyes, or that hotel room with the broken shades.

-EAR PLUGS! From crying babies on the plane to that “enthusiastic” couple in the room next to you, I promise these will come in handy.

-Mini battery charger + cable. Get a cheap charging cable off of Amazon. This has come in handy so many times when I needed a little boost to get an Uber from the airport.

-One sleeve of Strawberry Pop-Tarts. They are most delicious after about 18 hours of travel.

-2 mini bottles of Jack Daniels. You know, for an emergency. Put them in a separate bag as you’ll need to pull that out through security.

All of this will fit in a 1 quart Ziplock baggie for easy access. Put one of these together for your next trip with the items you need, and I promise you will make it through our airways refreshed and ready to take on the convention. What did I miss? What do you put in your doomsday bag?

Now that you’re relaxed and ready to go, I’m here to give you the lowdown on one of the fun events happening!

Want to take on some of your FAVORITE ShutterFest Speakers in a one-on-one Lip Sync Battle on Wednesday night? Here’s how:

Sal Cincotta with wig during lip sync battle audition

Step One:
Visit SongFreedom/FyrFly at booth 73-74 to audition! As a bonus, EVERYONE who auditions will receive an awesome T-Shirt!

Songfreedom T-Shirt

Step Two:

First round of auditions.

  • Round 1 of auditions will take place all day Tuesday in booths 73-74, so make sure you stop by to show us what you’ve got.
  • Choose your song! 
  • Each audition will last 30 sec-1 min and will be judged by the SongFreedom/FyrFly team, so come ready to impress!
  • The top 20 attendees from Tuesday will get an email/text to come back to the booth for Round 2 of auditions on Wednesday.

Step Three: 


  • Callbacks will take place on Wednesday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the SongFreedom/FyrFly booth. We will contact you with your scheduled time.
  • Bring your A-Game, because only 5 attendees will advance to the finals to compete against the ShutterFest Speakers at the Lip Sync Battle on Wednesday night. 
  • The SongFreedom/FyrFly team will once again judge this round of auditions and will pick the top 5 attendees to move on to the Lip Sync Battle.
  • The top 5 attendees will be contacted by SongFreedom/FyrFly team by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, before the battle begins. 

Step Four:


  • The Finals will take place at the Lip Sync Battle in the Grand Hall at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday Night. 
  • The top 5 attendees will now face the ShutterFest Speakers. 
  • Your Emcee for the night, Jason Groupp, will pull speaker names from a hat to choose which speakers battle against which attendees. Each attendee and speaker will perform their choice of song. 
  • Once all 5 battles are complete we will turn to the crowd for their vote. The speaker or attendee who gets the most applause will be the grand prize winner!

Trust us – you don’t want to miss this!