Jason Groupp October 17, 2018 News

Did Fall Skip Your Area?

Hey there! We hope your Fall is off to a great start! Here in St. Louis, it seems like we’ve skipped right into Winter, but we’re hoping we’re it’s just temporary! While it’s cold outside, here at HQ we’re blazing away with lots of fun stuff coming your way! I’m writing today with a quick update on what’s new and what’s to come!

Take A Peek Under The Hood!

It’s been a minute since we’ve sent you an update so here goes!

  • A refreshed version of our website was launched!  On top of the backend overhaul, we’ve polished up our front end user experience based on our users’ requests and ideas.  Searching for music is more flexible, the music player is improved, and the site is generally snappier!

If you haven’t used the new search engine, you have to check it out! It’s BLAZING FAST! You’ll also find it’s much better at circling in on the things you search for making for overall searching faster.

Unlimited Video Hosting Is Finally Here!

  • Unlimited video hosting will be here in Mid-November! Our job is to protect and preserve your native file formats with the best HD playback in the industry. That’s right, upload all the videos you want with no limits!  This also will allow the upload of 4K videos, and 4K playback in the site will be coming in the very near future!

This has taken almost 2 years of development and we can’t wait to get this off the ground! Gone will be the days of embarrassing and arbitrary take down notices! Our home will be a safe harbor for your work!


  • 1000+ select new songs have been artfully curated and added to our library in the past year! From the perfect backingtrack to great premium vocal tracks your selections grow each day!

….and I’m happy to say that within the next few weeks we’ll be adding a ton of new premium mainstream tracks. Artists like Alabama Shakes, Alice Jemima, ODESZA, Rooney, Crystal Fighters, Topaz Jones, Thutmose, Reuben & The Dark, Lucius, and Nick Waterhouse to name just a few! There’s a few others not included in this list that I can’t mention now, but I promise you’re going to be excited about!

Improved Slideshow Tool!

  • Major upgrades to the slideshow tool! Similar to our brand new website, we added tons of functionality and features to our slideshow creator. If you haven’t checked it out recently, you should, you’re going to love what you see!

Seriously, this is such a powerfully fast tool if you haven’t checked in lately you really need to! The render times are blazing fast and you’re ability to customize to exactly what your preferences are takes minutes to do. Creating slideshows that are dynamic and fun to watch can now be made in just minutes, not hours!

Goodbye Songfreedom–>HELLO Fyrfly!

  • We’re saying goodbye to Songfreedom and becoming Fyrfly. Same company, same people, just a different name. It’s just a branding thing. While we’ve really loved the name Songfreedom, it just doesn’t fit with our new umbrella of services.

I think this is going to hurt us more than you. 🙂 We have loved the Songfreedom name, and brand for ten years, but it’s just not who we are any longer.

As always, I’m here to chat anytime! Just shoot me a note [email protected]!