Jason Groupp October 10, 2017 Creativity

Let’s start with the obvious!

We all know Instagram is a huge platform in todays world, but are you using it to your potential? As a small business you know how hard it is these days to grab attention. Starting with the obvious, you know that 80% of all users follow at least one business right? You also know that video engagement is quite high on IG?  It would then make sense for you to get some vids up there on a regular basis right? OK, just making sure we’re on the same page…. 🙂

Social media plans are a PIA!

It is exhausting trying to keep up and maintain a good social media strategy. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, you need to find easy things that you enjoy doing and work that into your daily tasks. In today’s market it’s not just about getting a post up once in a while, you must maintain a steady flow of information in order to reach your audience.

IG teasers will help you get there!

One of the best parts of your Fyrfly-Songfreedom membership is your unlimited access to THOUSANDS of great songs available to license. Now you no longer have to worry about paying for additional songs just to create a short IG video. Think about the power of engagement you have by getting some short teasers out to your clients in a timely manner. You know that they’ll be sharing it with their friends, and we allknow the power of the referral!

Thanks Gary!

It’s been so wonderful getting to know all of you, and I’ve been getting some great emails from all of you! Here’s a great short vid from Gary of Rush Videos. This is a perfect example of well put together film and does a great job of showing his clients wedding day story in a concise short form. Love this use of  the song “Think of you by” Private Jack!  (Available with you membership!)

Great wedding day for Sally + Shepard at @cathedraladvent #wedding #happilyeverager @shepager

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If you’re looking for a great new song to add to your IG teaser, check out Switzerfilm’s beautiful wedding at Ancient Peaks Winery using All My Life by WILD.  Here they left the film in it’s original aspect ratio and just exported a short clip with messaging directing the audience to go to their FB page for full film. I think this is a great approach in keeping an audience engaged by getting them to explore your multiple social media feeds.

It’s such a pleasure to see the work you’re doing with our music, I just can’t get enough so please keep them coming! Here’s the best part, if we feature your work we’ll reward you with 2 premium songs in kind! I’d love to see more of your IG teasers, send ’em to me! [email protected]