Jason Groupp July 24, 2018 Education

How’s your summer going so far?!

We hope your summer is going well! I have to say, it feels like this one is flying by at light speed! The last few months have been busy (as always) at Fyrfly-Songfreedom HQ, and exciting feature updates have been added to our slideshow software. Have you checked them out? We’re also proud to announce the new video hosting, as well as a brand new website (with major upgrades to functionality) coming SOOOON!

Introducing S.N.E.W!

Similar to our Sessions with Fyrfly-Songfreedom, I’m proud to announce Something New Every Week! Each week we’ll feature a Filmmaker or Photographer who will share a quick nugget of information that’s helping them in their daily life. From workflow tricks to words of wisdom on navigating today’s market, we think you’ll love this quick weekly session.

Kicking it Off with Susan Stripling!

I’m so excited we get to kick things off with Susan Stripling! Based out of NYC, Susan shoots weddings world-wide and is an incredible educator. She is one of our industries most respected leaders, and she graciously shares her wisdom to other photographers navigating the business. Her work has been, and will continue to be, celebrated by our industry for years to come.

S.N.E.W. Episode One!

You can see our interview below as well as a slideshow of favorites from a recent 3 day Indian wedding. Thanks again Susan!

Susan Stripling Slideshow:


As always, we are here to serve! If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me an email! JG at SONGFREEDOM dot COM 🙂