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This week I’m excited to have Photographer turned Digital Story Strategist Christine Tremoulet joining us! She has been helping creatives use the power of their story to book more clients and make more money for years now! (including me!)

She’s a blogger of 17 years and the Best-selling author of Blogging Brilliantly for Your Business, available on Amazon.

Thanks for joining us Christine! You can catch her LIVE with me on Thursday at 1PMEST on our FB Page. Don’t forget to listen to the playlist below for your chance to win $100 on Name That Song, Win That Money!

3 Reasons Why You Still Need to Blog for Your Business

It is a question that I’m asked all the time by people hoping to at least remove this one task from their to do list. They want to stop blogging, so that they can focus on other things. After all, most of us did not launch our business because we just couldn’t wait to write blog posts once a week!

No, blogging is not dead. Done right, it is the very core of your social media marketing plan.

Build on the Land That You Own

When you create content on social media, you are at the mercy of their platform. At any moment, they can change algorithms. Your account can be reported, locked down, or cancelled. You have no control over these things.

Imagine how you would feel if you logged on to Facebook or Instagram tomorrow and everything you had posted was simply … GONE.

What happens when the platform you are using decides that you must pay to have your posts seen? Or if they start to hide your content based on the hashtags you use?

All of these are very real situations that happen more frequently than most of us would like to think about.

When you focus on building your web presence on your own website & blog, you know that no matter what? Your content is available online.

Build Your Content, Not The Social Media Platform’s

The social media networks need us. Without our posts, there would be no reason for anyone to visit their sites.

Very often, I see people write long detailed posts that are equivalent of a blog post on Facebook or Instagram. When I visit their blogs, I see that they haven’t updated in 2-3 months.

Social Media gives you nearly instant feedback whenever you post. Hearts, Likes, Comments come flooding in. You feel good, your post gets tons of attention and then … nothing. A month from now, most likely no one will ever see that post again.

When scrolling down your Facebook Page, people only scroll 2-3 times, skimming the content until they receive an alert that their friend has gone Live, someone else has posted a photo, and there is a comment on their own post. Then? They are gone.

When you build your own content (on the land that you own – your blog), you don’t have to worry about the alerts that are popping up and flashing trying to keep people scrolling. They will read your latest post, and if you have a way for them to read related post? If they like the first one they will continue to read more.

Write Once, Use Often

With your blog as the center of your online universe, for each blog post that you write, you can also generate as many social media posts from that content as you want!

  1. You can share a blog post repeatedly. Schedule the post to be shared several times the week that you write it, and then monthly for the next year or more. If it is Evergreen content (a topic that is timeless), a three year old blog post can still be shared across social media!
  2. Quote yourself! You can create Instagram graphics, Facebook posts, and more with quotes from what you said in blog posts that you’ve already written.
  3. Share the photos or videos from your blog posts on other platforms with little bit of details and a link to go to your site for more.

Recycle the content you’ve already created and reduce your time in creating more. Make the most of what you already have out there!

Bonus tip: If writing in the blog post box is intimidating, write your post out first on Facebook, but don’t publish it! Copy the text over to your blog, and voila! You have a new blog post, without all the stress. Something about changing your environment truly helps.

Make Your Blog the Center of Your Universe

When you focus on building your own platform, your own library of content to refer potential clients to, you are no longer at the mercy of the Social Media platforms out there. You can create content to hold your future client’s interest, and if you use it wisely and have a system in place? You will reduce the amount of time you spend creating content online and free up more time to do what you truly love.

Want to know more about how to work with Christine Tremoulet on finding your story to use in your branding & marketing to make sales effortless? Visit her site at http://ChristineTremoulet.com for her blog, podcast, and details on her membership program, The Life Boss Society, to help you reach profitable success in your business.


Name That Song Week 16! Song Clip Hint Below!

Last week Daniel Berry joined us as our mystery guest + I shared all of our up to date and exciting news! You can watch all the fun here:

Join us LIVE with surprise Mystery Guest Daniel Berry! Who's ready to win some $$$$$$?!?!?!?

Posted by Songfreedom on Thursday, July 13, 2017

Name That Song: Week 13

 How to Play:

  • Listen to the mystery song clip below and try to match it to a song from the WEEK 16 playlist.
  • Join us LIVE on FBook at 1p EST, Thursday, July 20th and we will reveal the phone # for you to call in and guess the correct song!
  • First caller to guess correctly WINS $100!!! – That’s it!