Jason Groupp March 29, 2017 Creativity

Welcome to our new blog!

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about Songfreedom and our launch of FyrFly coming this summer! As with every job, we need to set goals for ourselves and writing at least one article a week here is going to be one of mine. I am hoping to provide a weekly source of education and/or inspiration for you surrounding the world of the visual artist.

As a photographer and filmmaker myself (full time in my own studio for 25 years) I’ll share some stories of my successes and offer advice on how I kept the creativity going. I’m also hoping that my goal to share with you guys will spark some long overdue creative projects. Perhaps we can do it together? For those of you who know me from years ago, you know that I love to share and work alongside you. Being totally transparent, I’m a little stuck creatively at the moment and a bit terrified to get things going. How do you guys overcome that fear? What are the tools you use to keep those creative juices flowing?

Let’s get this party started! You with me?

Great, glad to hear it! I’ll go first:

As creative people, it’s our job to push forward with new ideas. Yes, It can be cumbersome to do, especially when we have so much else sucking up our brain power—work, chores, bills, lack of sleep, and life in general. But finding ways to channel the creative spirit takes time and work. It’s no different than building a good workout regimen or eating right and committing to staying healthy. You need tools to help you get you started. The thing about ideas is, they are like clouds in the sky on a windy day and they blow over your head faster than you realize. Unless you acknowledge them and even write them down…POOF…they’ll be gone forever.

Here’s three easy ways to “capture” ideas:

Keep a notepad by your bed

You’d be surprised what pops into that skull of yours when you have a chance to relax and tune out all of the day’s chatter. Let your mind wander to your creative side and then make the effort to write down your great brainstorming before you forget it all.

Make time to think

Huh? What I mean by that is, set time aside for yourself (when you’re not sleeping!) to just think about stuff. I usually like to start with some mellow music (like this great playlist I use!) to help me wander off, then I’ll find a quiet place to concentrate.There are lots of great online tools to help keep your ideas in one place. I have been loving Trello lately.

Matt Wertz’s music also provides a mellow mix of great tunes to keep that creative engine rolling!


This one takes more focus and structure. Sure, it’s always great to see your friends and sometimes we just need to have fun. That said, next time you go to a conference or a get together set aside a specific agenda to chat about. If you don’t have a network of peers at this point in your career, now is a great time to start! We’re a friendly bunch and we love to give back in any way we can!

There’s tons of conferences out there, the next one we’ll be at is Shutterfest in St. Louis in just a few weeks. As with all conferences and workshops, having a good plan is essential to getting the most out of your time. Many of you know I have lots of experience in this area and if you’re looking for a little help while you’re there,please reach out to me or come by the booth (#8 and #9). I’d be happy to help give you a strategy makeover anytime!

Thanks  for reading! I’d love to hear your ideas! Leave a comment below or send me your thoughts. I’d love to feature it here, and if I do, I promise a nice reward in kind!