Jason Groupp August 31, 2017 Education

The L.O.A.T.M. (Lord Of All Things Music) Delivers!

New Music coming at you! As promised, we’re delivering a boatload of new tunes and the best part is they are all standard licenses! What does that mean for you!?


Well, it means as a member they are FREE to use as part of your Fyrfly-Songfreedom membership! Last week we added over 100 new songs, and in total since launching we’ve released over 250 new standard license tunes. ALL of which are available for you to license with your membership!

Can you break it down for us?

You bet! It would be our pleasure! Before you see this weeks tasty offerings, make sure you check out some of our recent deliveries here: New Music Is Here! Get it NOW!

Did you know we’re here to help you find a song anytime? Just hit that chat box on our website! Seriously, we’re here to serve you and we got the tunes you need!

Here’s a curated list of goodies by The L.O.A.T.M.:

Young Rich Pixies

young rich pixies

Young Rich Pixies bring us a bakers dozen of fresh instrumental goodies that you will love. Check these tracks out:

“Uplifting – Short Version”  Perfect for establishing shots.

“Sunday” – Montage sequences.

“Battle Trailer” –  Very dramatic and powerful, this song will not disappoint!


If you’re looking for some great music featuring Pianos, Dragonov has what you need! “Under the Sun”, “The Whole World Love”, “Romantic Piano In Dreams”, and “Memories” are fantastic scene setters.

Great Slideshow Songs:

Hunting for some new upbeat slideshow songs? Check these out:

Draganov Veaceslav“Pretty Light”

Kelly Weeks “Follow Your Dreams”

Derek Gust“Pretty Light – instrumental”

Nathan Angelo“Timeless”

Kelly Weeks

Need Some Strings?

Derek Gust

Derek Gust has two perfect tunes that we believe would work great for ceremonies. Check out “The Aisle Instrumental” which sounds perfectly titled, as well as “Sherlock Strings Cello.”

Somewhere Out There….

Caleb Etheridge

“Somewhere Out There” is the perfect name for Caleb Etheridge’s new tunes that offer up some great “other worldly” tracks. “Star Light” and “Skyline” piano instrumentals also have the same vibe.

Got Vocals?

nathan Angelo

We really love the smooth sounds of Nathan Angelo – “Spread A Little Happiness” is a wonderfully uplifting song, while “Simple Days“and “Beautiful World” offer up a more retrospective feel.

Want to stay up to date on new music?

Here’s a quick tip: You can always find new music on our site by following this path: Songs–> followed by “sort by date” on the top right corner.

sort by date close up

Once again, THANK YOU for being a member! We’re going to keep working over here to exceed your expectations, more new music coming SOOOOOON!

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