Jason Groupp March 20, 2018 Education

Okay kids, registration for Shutterfest 2018 opened yesterday, and it was over quicker than Christmas morning! So many of you got the classes you wanted, high five! But if you didn’t, don’t worry, Shutterfest is still going to be AMAZING! There are so many fantastic classes to choose from, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. We’ve already talked about some other things you can do around your class schedule, so now I want to share a few of the incredible classes I think you may have overlooked when you registered!


4/3 2:30PM – 4PM – Ning Wong – Same Day Edit Wedding Videos – Learn How It’s Done!

Ning will show you how to prepare for a Same Day Edit, how to prep for the edit, and how to actually edit a same day edit. You’ll learn tricks, techniques, and how to manage your staff in order to pull off that video. Since this is an intermediate to advanced class, he won’t be going over the basics of how to edit. Instead, he’ll dive into preparing your timeline, working your footage, and editing everything together.

If you’re a wedding filmmaker and you’re not offering Same Day Edits yet, get registered for this class! Ning has so much to share, and you’ll have a blast learning from him! He knows his shit, and he wants to teach you how to wow your clients, so don’t miss this!


4/3 10:30AM – 12PM – Audrey Woulard – Tweens: The Forgotten Market

In this program with Chicago photographer Audrey Woulard, you will explore a rapidly expanding demographic that absolutely adores pictures, but is often overlooked by most photographers. She’ll show you how to become an expert in attracting this demographic, appealing to their parents, and how to bridge the gap between other genres of photography.

Audrey has successfully secured her spot at the top of the tween market, and she can show you how to find the opportunity in that largely untapped market, too!


4/4 2:30PM – 4PM – Joey Thomas – Light Like a BOSS in CHAOS! (Part 2)

In Part 2 of “Light Like a Boss in Chaos,” we continue to learn BOSS-LIKE lighting for the following parts of the wedding day: Couples Formals, Reception Details, First Dance, Rings, Dance Floor, and Grand Exits! You can definitely produce publication-worthy images in a not-so publication worthy environment. With a little practice and know-how, upgrade your brand with the ability to take beautiful images in any situation.

Joey is an award-winning photographer who has been published often. But even better, he’s personable and funny, and has a lot to teach! If you’re struggling to make your wedding images look magazine-worthy, sign up for this class now! You don’t have to take Part 1 to take Part 2!


4/4 4:30PM – 6PM – Jeff Rojas – Broke Marketing – How To Market Your Business When You Have No Money

Jeff Rojas will discuss how to get the best return on your minimal investment, how to develop marketing strategies that work, how to identify marketing campaigns that are ineffective, and how to manage and maximize your return on social media advertising.

Hey, I get it. Business stuff isn’t nearly as sexy as creating epic images, but it’s a necessity if we want to retire someday, right? If you’re running on empty in your business bank account, and you need some ideas you can implement right away, be there to hear the marketing wisdom Jeff has to share!


4/4 10:30AM – 12PM – The Blumes – Which Lens?

Lenses are your biggest investment and affect your style more than you know. So when it comes to zooms versus primes, wide versus telephoto and pricey versus cheap, you’ll want to sit down with Phillip and Eileen Blume to decide which lens is right for the job.

Not ready for classes on fancy lighting, Photoshop, or videography? If you’re just getting started with your investment into glass, this is the class for you. Learn the why behind your lens choice before you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on choosing your next lens!


4/3 4:30PM – 6PM Michael Anthony – Creating Impactful and Dramatic Portraits

As a photographer, impacting your clients is priority to your success. Learning how to create dramatic and beautiful images is essential to making sure that your clients are happy and your sales are good. In this course, Michael will teach you how to use lighting, posing, and your location in the best possible way to create impactful images your clients will never forget.

The dude is legit and is one of those photographers who has done his studying, put his work into practice and has forged a new path of his own. If you’re looking to up your game and create images with impact he’s your guy! He’s also got a mellow demeanor that lends himself to a great teacher. Check him out, for reals, the dude is legit!

4/4 10:30AM – 12PM Lori Nordstrom – Basic Portrait Retouching

Bring your laptop and images photographed at Shutterfest! You will learn basic portrait retouching plus tips and tricks to enhance your images. In this class, Lori will also teach you how to eliminate distractions and help you to “see” the details that print judges are looking for in photographic competition.

Whether you want to learn how to retouch portraits for your clients or learn more about what print competition judges are looking for, this is the class for you! There are just a few spaces left, so grab yours now!

There you go! IF you had any free time left in your schedule, this should solve that problem! Don’t forget to visit our us at our booth #73/74, as well as Midway Suite #1 where you can get some free coffee and have Makayla and Dave drop some serious knowledge on you. Of course, we’re also expecting all of you audition during the tradeshow for the Lip Sync Battle that’s happening on Wednesday evening so you can have your chance to beat the Educators! (more importantly, beating Sal!) 🙂