Jamie Howze February 16, 2018 News

…..And The Hits Keep Coming!

The BIG NEWS over here at FFSF has been the recent addition of our new slideshow creator. We’re thrilled that it’s finally live and love the feedback we’re getting from our members, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to slow down with new additions to our music library!

We Are Here To Serve Our Members!

With our recent surge in members, we’ve gotten a lot of unique music requests. While the majority of our members are searching for wedding-related or killer backtracks, we also know that there are plenty of you making videos for seniors, babies, families, etc. We have a HUGE library full of unique songs, and you don’t have to use the same songs on repeat! That said, we want to make sure we’re serving all of our members music needs. If there’s a genre, mood, type of use, or specific artist you are looking for, please let us know @ [email protected]. We’re always adding to our library, and we’d love to let our artists know what tracks are in demand. You’ve got the power!

Ten More Brand New Tunes Hand-Selected For YOU!

Listed below are 10 of our favorite, new tracks and why they are well-suited for your next creative masterpiece. ALL 12 are included in your membership for standard licenses,  AND all are available commercially for non-members.

Derek Gust feat. Amber Lena
  1. Whispering‘ by Derek Gust feat. Amber Lena.
    This track brings it. Perfect for wedding videos/slideshows with soft vocals, strings and piano. Plus, the lyrics include “I Do”. I promise, you’ll want to put this one in your favorites.
  2. ‘Dream Scene‘ by Kyle Krone.
    The title says everything. This is a stellar backtrack if you’re seeking something with a quick and upbeat tempo. The dream-like sound is particularly suited for any aerial footage or any promotional/commercial projects; think BTS videos.
  3. End of an Epic‘ by David Michon.
    “I’m looking for a great backtrack that evokes emotion and has a great build”. How about an epic build?
Midnight Mantics

4. ‘We Own the Night‘ by Midnight Mantics.
Alright. While I may be speaking to a slim crowd here, this track is BOMB for a film soundtrack or commercial project, especially the instrumental version. We’re talking super 80’s vibes. If you’ve got a unique couple, this could be a game-changer backtrack to any wedding reception footage.

Photo Credit: David Bastianoni

5. ‘Sweep‘ by Draganov Veaceslav.
Not interested in the traditional upbeat jingle for your next promo? ‘Sweep’ gives a more dramatic feel. Think strings and then a major beat drop as you introduce your amazing concept or product to the world. It’s good.

6. ‘Unrepeatable’ by Draganov Veaceslav.
Simply said, this is a beautiful backtrack. It provides soft piano and strings and would be a grand track to open a wedding video, especially with any aerial shots of the breathtaking location.

7. ‘I’m Still Here’ by the Northern Lights.
This track offers a vocal version with male and female harmony as well as an instrumental version. If you’re looking for a sentimental track for a memorial or funeral video, check out “I’m Still Here”.

Bel Thomson

8. ‘Shepherd King‘ and ‘Holding You‘ by Bel Thomson.
This is another song that is ideal for funerals and other memorial videos/tributes. Bel Thomson offers beautiful lyrics and tranquil song with. She offers several tracks for church-related projects, including ‘Holding You’ a song of hope for those experiencing grief, especially related to birth/miscarriage.

9. “If This is a Dream” by Dan Godlin.
You’ve got your hands on a perfect wedding track, with both a vocal and instrumental version available. Godlin’s music is pleasing to the masses. His work has been featured on E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, MTV’s The Challenge, ABC Family’s The Vineyard, and Teen Nickelodeon’s Degrassi. If this particular track doesn’t fit your project needs, you’re sure to find something else that will.

10. ‘Mystics and Majestics‘ by Caleb Ethridge.
Caleb Ethridge is a fantastic artist to check out if you need a calming instrumental. ‘Mystics and Majestics’ gives you a peaceful backtrack for a wedding or any video shot by DRONE! The soft soothing strings and piano are met with a majestic melody and your viewers hearts will be floating along.

Photo Credit: David Bastianoni

I hope that gives you some inspo for your next project! Make sure to keep providing us with feedback so we can continue to supply our members with the best music around. Also, PLEASE keep sharing your work with us! We love featuring our member’s beautiful videos and slideshows, and it will earn you two premium music credits for your NEXT amazing project! So get to work on creating those slideshows and them send them our way: [email protected] or tag us on FB or Insta! Until next time, folks!