Jason Groupp August 7, 2017 Education

We are having a blast here at Songfreedom-Fyrfly HQ this week with the new launch of our site! If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, click HERE!

Songfreedom-Fyrfly Home Page

Once again we want to thank those of you who signed up for memberships over the last few weeks!  We’ve enjoyed watching you furiously downloading songs with NO LIMITS!

As if having the unlimited ability to download all of our current standard license songs for free with your membership wasn’t cool enough, we’ve just added more new music! As promised, we will be adding new music on an ongoing basis, we want to make sure we don’t break things before opening the flood gates!

Want to stay up to date on new music?

Here’s a quick tip: You can always find new music on our site by following this path: Songs–> followed by “sort by date” on the top right corner.

sort by date close up


Here’s some new songs I think you’ll love!

Aeon – Far From You feat. Progley (Hurks Remix)

Aeon – Far From You feat. Progley (Sebaztian Remix)

Don’t Look Back – Room of Memories

Syrenne – Alone With You feat. Shannon Soderlund

Fidek – Where I Am

And, thanks to Adrian Sood, for his inspired song for our launch! 🙂

Adrian Sood – Fyrfly

We hope you’ve been enjoying the new site, we’d LOVE to see (and feature!) your work! Please share with us either by tagging us on FB, or send me an email to: [email protected]