Thankful For YOU! Happy Thanksgiving!

Jason Groupp November 22, 2017 Uncategorized

It’s been quite a year here at Fyrfly-Songfreedom! We’ve accomplished so much the last few months, and I’m so proud of this team! From new music to a new website with so much more to come it’s incredible how hard this team has worked! For me personally moving from the east coast to out to St. Louis with my family… Read more

Finding Inspiration With The Royal Foundry

Jason Groupp November 6, 2017 Education

Finding Creativity Working to stay creative is one of those elusive things every artist works to achieve. Whether you’re a musician, filmmaker, photographer, or any kind of creative person, working to maintain those “light bulb” moments is a topic that always fascinates me. Anytime I find myself around uber talented folks like Bethany and Jared from The Royal Foundry (you… Read more

Boost That Bottom Line! Increase Wedding Bookings Today!

Jason Groupp October 24, 2017 Education

3 Simple Ways to Increase Bookings As a photographer/filmmaker, one of your main priorities is to attract and book clients who are perfect for your business and help you achieve your goals. We reached out to our friends at photo editing company, ShootDotEdit for some tips on how to increase your bookings each year for your photography/video business.  Outside of providing… Read more

Instagram video for instant engagement!

Jason Groupp October 10, 2017 Creativity

Let’s start with the obvious! We all know Instagram is a huge platform in todays world, but are you using it to your potential? As a small business you know how hard it is these days to grab attention. Starting with the obvious, you know that 80% of all users follow at least one business right? You also know that… Read more

The Old SongFreedom Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now

Jamie Howze October 3, 2017 Uncategorized

Why? BECAUSE THE OLD LIBRARY IS DEAD! All TSwift aside, we just keep adding to our already fabulous music library over here at FyrFly-SongFreedom headquarters! We hope you’re enjoying the site’s fresh facelift AND the plethora of new music that keeps flowing in. If you are a member – don’t forget to send us your work! If we feature your… Read more

5+1 Wedding Teaser Songs That Will Rock Your World!

Jason Groupp September 21, 2017 Creativity

Video Makes Our World Go Round! One of the great things about being a Songfreedom/Fyrfly member is that you have unlimited access to thousands of tunes that you may use at will! You no longer need to worry about having to license/pay for a song every time you create a video. That got me thinking what a huge opportunity it… Read more

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