Introducing: Sessions With Fyrfly-Songfreedom!

It’s been a longtime coming, but I’m happy to announce the first installment of our “Sessions With Fyrfly-Songfreedom!” Each one of these sessions will feature a prominent member of our community and we’ll discuss topics I think (I hope) you’ll love. One of the many interesting things about this industry is the diverse stories we have. As a creative community, we often have many different ways and reasons for why we enter and remain in our fields, which can be fascinating to hear.

Meet Daniel Berry!

We’re kicking things off with my friend, Daniel. His was the last interview from a day-long session we shot back in March with our friends at Switzerfilm (thanks again you guys!). I love Daniel’s story because I think it represents a large portion of our community. Daniel works two jobs, one as an EMT and the other as a photographer – I love how he manages both by helping others. He is one of those people who truly loves helping others, whether it’s as an EMT or as the President of the MOPPA; helping others is his calling. I love the balance that he’s been able to create with the two gigs, and have known many others who have fulfilled lifestyles with this dual-career culture. I think we can all learn from his story. How can you help your small world?!

More to come sooooon!

I’m going to try to make this a weekly thing, so check next week for more! Is there anyone you’d love to have me interview? Shoot me an email anytime: [email protected], I’d love to hear from you!