Jason Groupp January 30, 2018 News


At long last, I’m proud to announce that the Fyrfly-Songfreedom Slideshow creation tool is here! Thanks to our development team toiling away the past few months, we were able to launch the new tool last week at IUSA! We think you’ll be pleased with the speed and ease of our new slideshow creator, and can’t wait to see y’all dig in!

Check out our tutorials!

Here are a few quick tutorials to walk you through our slideshow creator. I will be adding more as the weeks go on, so check back soon! Alright, time for you to get to work! PLEASE SHARE  your videos with us by tagging us on Facebook and Instagram! If we share them on social media we’ll reward you with two premium song credits in kind!

Overview Of Our Slideshow Creation Tool.

Watch me first!


Quick Customizations To Help Speed Your Workflow

This tutorial will help you make some quick “global” changes that should help speed things up for future slideshow creations.


More Powerful Tools

You can edit one slide at a time if you like! Customize to your heart’s desire!


That should get you started! Once again, we’d like to thank our members support, it means the world to us! Now go make your first slideshow right MEOW! 🙂