Back To School!

Ready or not it’s that time again! Here in St. Louis our kids returned to school this week! Some of you still have a few weeks left but either way the summer is coming to a close. 🙁

S.N.E.W! (Something New Every Week)

Something New Every Week features a Filmmaker or Photographer who will share a quick nugget of information that’s helping them in their daily life. From workflow tricks to words of wisdom on navigating today’s market, we know you’ll love these quick weekly sessions.

Enjoying his summer – Jason Domingues!

In case you missed it, last week we had Will Cadena sharing his thoughts on client communications. If you haven’t seen it you can catch up here:

This week, we catch up with my good friend Jason Domingues who chats with us from the Lake Of The Ozarks. I love his approach to his business and I think you’ll enjoy his laid back attitude. Jason has been running a successful business for many years and has worked hard in creating a good work/life balance, I’ve admired that from afar for many years.

S.N.E.W. Episode Three!

You can see our interview below as well as a slideshow of Jason’s awesome work below!

Jason Domingues SNEW Episode 3

[Recorded Live] Join me this week with my good friend Jason Domingues! We'll discuss his process of culling, editing, and delivering his weddings in a timely manner.

Posted by FyrFly Songfreedom on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Jason Domingues Slideshow:

I am such a fan of Jason’s work, you can feel the connection he makes with his clients which really shines in his images. Here we chose Fate Under Fire’s, “Give You Everything” to light up the shining faces he photographs.


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