Jason Groupp August 2, 2017 News

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3, 2, 1…..Launch!

Songfreedom-Fyrfly IS HERE! By now most of you have heard that Songfreedom will be changing; evolving into our new baby called Fyrfly. Let the transformation begin!

Starting August 1st, we have now moved from single song licensing platform to a simple membership giving you unlimited access to tens of thousands of songs. PLUS, you will be able to purchase premium Top 40 songs for only $10!

Next month we’ll be rolling out our video hosting, followed by our slideshow creation software. Now you can have all of this for one low, monthly or annual fee.

Check us out, the new site is LIVE and it’s SPECTACULAR!  You’re free to kick the tires HERE!

Songfreedom-fyrfly home page  

First Three Months On Us!

Like what you see?! Become a member now and save some cash!

Right now use code: FF240 and get the first THREE months on us! (monthly memberships only)

Don’t wait though, we’re capping this @ 50 people and I’m sure it’ll go quick!

Have Questions?!

Check out our FAQ’s HERE! If you have any other questions you can reach us at anytime @ [email protected]

What’s To Come: Membership With Perks

Fyrfly-Songfreedom will not only be a service that provides you with access to amazing tools, we’ve got MUCH MORE planned!  Our goal is to build a community with those who wish to have big visual presence in today’s marketplace. As part of this community, we’ll work together to build that presence and hopefully, the result will be more $$’s in your bank account. We’ll do this through blog posts and videos that will be exclusively available to our members. We believe today’s world is going to have a ferocious appetite for great video content and our members will be the leaders at the helm!