Jason Groupp November 30, 2017 News

Welcome New Members!

In the last few months we have seen quite a few new members come on board, welcome to the family! The next few months are going to be very exciting here at Fyrfly-Songfreedom and this is the best place to keep up to date! Thanks again for becoming a member, we promise to keep working super duper hard to make this place great every day!

New Sounds To Help Speed Your Edits.

We’re constantly looking for new tracks and as you know we’ve added a ton of new mainstream music in the last few months. We also know finding good backing tracks can be tough and time consuming, I’m going to be working hard over the coming months to add more of these types of tracks. Make sure to check back here often for updates!

Pro-Tips From Me!


12 Tracks To Help Speed Things Along!

Here’s twelve new tunes that I think are perfect for quick edits, teasers and toasts:

All Night Long – The Slick Goldfish

Can’t Keep My Feet Off The Ground – The Slick Goldfish

Gone Fishing – The Slick Goldfish

Flying Dreams – Naughty Nelly

Real Love – Naughty Nelly

Time Shifting – Naughty Nelly

Intimate Acoustic – Secretary of Soothe

Pride and Honour – Secretary of Soothe

Pensive Thinking – Secretary of Soothe

Windows and Stars – Secretary of Soothe

High Flying – Jillian Jones

Jubilation – Jillian Jones