Jason Groupp October 23, 2018 News

We’re Sorry! 🙁

First of all, from all of us here at Fyrfly-Songfreedom we would like to offer our apologies for the frustrations so many of you are having with Vimeo strike notices and subsequent account terminations. We have seen/read/responded to your posts on social media, received/responded to your emails and have spoken with many of you on the phone.  We know that having your videos get blindly flagged, pulled down and accounts terminated is a terrible inconvenience, especially during such a busy season for many of you.

Over the last several years we have tried effortlessly to work with Vimeo to come up with a license verification system, but have been unsuccessful. However, we will continue to work toward a solution for our customers.

Account Terminations.

Many of you have been caught in a rapid fire 1,2,3 strike policy. It’s as if  you went to the supermarket for groceries, got caught in a protest and were arrested for simply being in the same place as the protestors. That being said, at some point you’d be sorted out by the police (showing them your grocery receipt) on a case by case basis and you’d be released. We’re here to help offer some solutions to help you “get out of jail.”

If you’re a customer of ours and you’ve received strikes please follow the instructions below and we’ll work directly with IFPI to help remove those strikes. Hopefully, once that’s done you’re accounts will be restored.

  • Forward your strike notices to [email protected] You may do so by simply forwarding these emails to us along with your permission to reach out to IFPI on your behalf. We hope that by allowing us to advocate for you will help to alleviate this burden on you.

Bulk Download Your Videos.

Also – we wanted to offer a workflow solution for you to bulk download your videos so you are prepared in the event you are terminated, or are just ready to move on.

Simply follow these steps:

HUGE thanks to Samuel Kwan for these instructions and video! 

Vimeo Bulk Backup all your videos onto your hard drive for FREE! Takes 10 mins to execute! Hope this helps someone. In the recent light of Vimeo striking accounts…

      1.Email Vimeo Support requesting an Excel Spreadsheet of all your videos with original file name links. Give them about 24 hours.

  1. Ensure you have enough hard drive space
  2. Download Chrono Manager:


  1. Open XLS in Google drive. Copy and paste just the links
  2. Convert all the URLS to hyperlinks


  1. Copy the hyperlinks into your HTML editor of choice. We use WordPress. Just create a page/post and paste it in BODY. You can also do it in Squarespace etc….
  2. View the page as it is. Open Chrono manager and viola it should detect all the videos for you to be able to download.

Tip #1: In Chrono settings. Set to download 3 videos simultaneously. Depending on how fast your internet connection.

Tip #2: You can copy and paste this email to request the XLS file.


Hi there!

I am backing up my vimeo account and can you provide an Excel Spreadsheet of all my videos with original file name links? Thank you.

Tip #3:

This method is not 100% fool proof. Sometimes the download might have failed because of slow internet or you pause it (vimeo apparently doesn’t like you pausing downloads!). Just make a note of which ones. and download the links again.


We Are Committed To Serving Our Customers.

Again, we’d like you to know that we understand the hardship this is causing you and recognize the unfair way you’re being treated. Our commitment to serve this industry for the last ten years has never wavered. You may reach me Jason Groupp anytime (jg AT songfreedom DOT com) or our CEO Matt Thompson (mt AT songfreedom DOT com) if you have any other questions ANYTIME, ANY day of the week!