Jason Groupp August 2, 2018 Education

Happy August Y’all!

Just like that, it’s August! We’re enjoying a little break in the heat here in St. Louis, and you can feel Fall is just around the corner.

S.N.E.W! (Something New Every Week)

Something New Every Week features a Filmmaker or Photographer who will share a quick nugget of information that’s helping them in their daily life. From workflow tricks to words of wisdom on navigating today’s market, we know you’ll love these quick weekly sessions.

Up Next – Will Cadena!

Last week we kicked things off with Susan Stripling! I loved her thoughts on how she tackles Instagram scheduling. If you haven’t watched our debut episode you can catch up here: http://bit.ly/2KlcYU8

This week, we have another NY’er joining us! Every time I see Will Cadena’s  beautiful images of his couples in the city streets I get SO jealous! He’s got a style all to his own and I’ve enjoyed watching him flourish the last few years!

S.N.E.W. Episode Deux!

You can see our interview below as well as a slideshow of Will’s beautiful work below!


Will Cadena Slideshow:

I LOVE his choice of Wolfram Gruss’s “Invincible” for this video! This tune lights up these stellar images!

Will Cadena Album Slideshow:

“Never Stop” by Safety Suit is also a great choice for an album slideshow!


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